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Authentic Brands = Australian Stock 01:00

September 20, 11:17am

Authentic Brands = Australian Stock

September 20, 11:17am 01:00

Eight industry thought leaders discuss business support

September 8, 12:09pm 01:06


September 6, 4:46pm 01:01

2017 Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo Highlights

August 31, 3:25pm 02:39

The Beauty of Social Media

For more information on cost effective video packages for your salon contact:

August 30, 11:07am 01:48

Pre and post care

Holly Hayes, waxing expert at Caronlab, shares her pre- and post-waxing tips.

July 19, 3:48pm 04:04

Waxing sensitive skin

Holly Hayes, waxing expert at Caronlab, shares her tips for waxing sensitive skin.

June 21, 12:09pm 04:02

Achieve the perfect brow wax

November 9, 10:29am 05:27

Nail the manzilian

Lydia Jordane from Lycon precision waxing tells us everything we need to know about the […]

November 9, 10:21am 05:57

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