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The next generation in professional eyebrow tinting. 01:00

May 29, 3:54pm

AMR Training Academy

Whether you are an apprentice after some more guidance or an experienced beautician or hairdresser […]

February 28, 12:00am 01:28

Caronlab Microwave-To-Pot Concept

Caronlab have revolutionized waxing efficiency with the Microwave-to-pot wax heating concept.

February 20, 4:16pm 01:59

Elleebana Lash Lift

With 10% Greater Hold

February 7, 12:00pm 00:35

The chat after the chat by the industry thought leaders

February 2, 10:56am 00:43

What is cellulite?

January 31, 11:29am 01:00

The complete solution to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, redness, bumps, blemishes and oily skin.

January 17, 10:46am 01:39

Eight experts share ideas on how to increase productivity, reduce staff turnover, and reward top performers.

November 27, 11:10am 01:23

Say no to unnecessary chemicals, alcohol and chlorine in your salon with Micro Defence.

November 25, 12:00am 01:48

Caronlab’s Brilliance Hard Wax now in beads! It’s brilliant, not brittle.

November 6, 12:04pm 01:02

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